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Help strange print problem 2901


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It started Saturday with the green lines on the 4" from digital files (see attached photo of girl), then running 26 8x10s  of a file some of the prints had missing sections and a couple where a 2x8" strip looked like it was extreme low res. We shut the machine down and rebooted and it seemed fine until today when I was printing roll I notice red dots through out the image including the index. Now the red dots are on all 4" digital and neg (see attached file). I did move my printer 4 weeks ago from one end of my store to the other could it be a bad ground where the printer and processes connect.

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HELP..... I am getting theses green lines again from digital images. BUT I only get it occasionally 1 every day or so unless one of the photographers I print for brings files and I get it on almost every one of there prints.

I tried changing color profile on file, open and resave it to change jpeg compression and just about anything you can think of to the file but still get it. I have mixed random images of mine and they come up clear.

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Are you sure it ONLY on digital files? Looks like physical damage like pinching in the processor or Paper mag.

But lets say its not.... The Photogs files are probably larger and this might indicate bad memory or corrupt wip/print buffer or bad connection with the LVDS cable.

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Yes it is only digital files, is there a way to re install the wip/print buffer I did do a restore but still the same thing. Where is the LVDS cable located?


Digital only is kinda weird. Since ALL files go through most of the machine and its parts.... WHY only digital? Almost HAVE to be the file. The way it's saved? Compression or alpha channel or grids and guides data?????? See if you can resave the file as a BMP NOT A JPG and see if it looses the lines.

The LVDS cable it the off white color cable from computer to the printer. (not ethernet cable)

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It could be the LVDS cable from the back of the PC to the image processing PCB.

Or possibly the LVDS card in the PC. (Try reseating the card in the PCI slot).

When negatives are scanned the main printing data goes directly from the scanner to the image processing PCB, none of the printing data goes to the PC.

However when you burn CD

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