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Front end upgrade for 27 DLS machines


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Where does your breakdown occur? I had loads of trouble with just getting Windoze to load and be satisfied with NORMAL hardware. Once all the standard windows BS is out of the way..... This includes getting the machine to have C: drive X: drive and the WIP and print buffer Striped drives working with windoze 2000 installed. When you install windows and it asks you who you are (your name) it will need to be "dls_operator" and set the control panel for users so this user is the login and has administrative rights only. It will start out with admin AND user rights. Name the computer DLS.

If you want to burn/export files YOU MUST have installed an older SCSI based CD burner like the Plextor one in the old IPW. I also used a sony from back in the day and it was happy with that one too. I put it on the 2940 card with the external scanner. MAke sure there are no id conflicts and the buses are terminated properly. NO SCSI BURNER ON EXPORTY. If you dont need to do that don't worry about it. You can have more than on CD rom ram or DVD burner for that matter too. I use the sony      just to satisfy the software for the export function. And yes it needs to be installed but my sony is actually broken and can't open the tray. What that means is the SCSI cd burner only needs to be sensed by the software not actually used. But I only export and do not burn CD's on my IPW either. I have a DVD rom and have it  set to be Drive letter G: so the DLS software uses it to load from cds and DVDs.

Since this is all just windows fighting, any cybergeek should be able to get a computer to this stage AT SOME POINT. Ask your kids or go to a collage and pay some student 50 bucks to get you there.

So now we have a machine that has 3 drives installed. The C drive is split with the X drive. I used a 36 gig UW320 and made 18 gigs for the C: drive and formated NTFS the X drive was the remaining 18 gigs and NTFS also. And this drive is on it's own SCSI channel.

The Print buffer drive NEVER uses more than about 2 gigs worth of space, So I made the Y:drive 3 gigs and the V: (wip) the remaining 64 plus gigs. (remember its the capacity of 2 drives) I put these two drives on their own SCSI channel for maximum throughput. They are striped and must be set up in Control panel>computer management>disk management. The striped drives must be set to be Dynamic not basic  before they can be striped.

And some CD device needs to be set to be the G: drive. The SCSI cd burner for the software only needs to be on the system and doesn't need  a special drive letter.

At this point it has all been pissing about with windows and driver hell for the hardware you have. I have NOT installed the scanner card or LVDS card at this time. NOR HAVE I INSTALLED the U: drive (archive) The U drive WILL MAKE the software load FAIL>>>> DO NOT INSTALL AT THIS TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You need an onboard ethernet connection (for local intranet) and a second ethernet card (set to IP It matters not what brand as long as you have a driver and it works.

Remember the LVDS card MUST go in a 2.1 PCI compliant PCI SLOT. YOU CANNOT get it to work in a PCI X slot. The scanner control card will work in a PCI x slot but the LVDS wont!!!

You will also need a way to connect the flatbed scanner. I used an adaptec 2940uw like the one the 9 gig drives are plugged into in the original box. Use an Adaptec card cause the ASPI update program (installed later) will work best with Adaptec ones. (and perhaps only with Adaptecs)

Although this hardware in not the only stuff that will work this is what I used.

IBM 6221  2.8 dual Xeon machine. 2.5 gigs of ram. It has on board dual channel 320 SCSI controllers. But it doesn't do RAID 0. I have the C:/X: drive on this "on board channel". I used an Adaptec 39320 and put the two striped drives on one channel in it. I didn't use the Host raid capabilities on the 39320.

This MB from IBM only has one PCI slot all the rest are PCI-X slots so the LVDS board must go in slot #2 and all other boards must be compatible with X slots.

So at this point I have a working 3 drive computer named DLS and I'm login in auto as dls_operator.  It has two SCSI cards and an ethernet card installed and all hardware/drives working. It would be nice to hook up the scanner and verify that it works and is set to ID 5. BUT after you install the MP1600 disk.... You will need to find the scanner AGAIN. :(    Nothing with Windoes is free or painless. LOL

Again as long as the drive letters are correct ( C: X: Y: V: and G: ) , the scanner can be used and BOTH ethernet connections work, what the hardware REALLY is doesn't matter. You could use a single processor and little drives and whatever.

As you can tell I went balls to the wall for speed. I package print HOOGE bits at once so I wanted MAXIMUM performance period. LOL

So at this point you have made whatever hardware function and kept Windoes from having an aneurysm. And it all works. I have used Windows 2000 Pro with Service pack 4. The Original IPW only has service pack 2, but 4 seamed to work fine also. BUT DO NOT DO UPDATES AFTER INSTALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hosed my machine with a software update.... I think it was the Java update that smoked it but can't say for sure.

Now you can install the two cards from Noritsu and sit back and watch as windows craps a brick cause youv'e upset the balance of the universe. LOL (who wrote Windows anyway?)

As you can tell I HATE WINDOWS!! But we have to deal with though........ Anyway the scanner card will get the driver located in the folder on your OLD IPW called scanner (KODAKIAQ.INF). It's not really a driver at all. Its just a file to keep windows from being incontinent about the hardware. The LVDS card uses lvdsWDM.inf also located on the old IPW in a folder called LVDS.

Now you should boot the IPW a few times and check the event logging file and see if any errors occur. If they do its a windows thing and most geeks should be able to fix it. UNLESS it's about a file called EKFRAME. This file combos with the LVDS driver/board (I think) ???

Don't sweat that one right now..........


Its time to break out the DLS software disks. And would be a great time to pray! LOL Seriously start praying big time cause if any part of the first disk load fails........ Your screwed and you really have to wipe the disk and start over.

If any part fails in the middle of loading the program you can not go back and remove it. My only option was to format and redo Windows again..... and again...... and again........... (don't ASK me how I know this stuff!!!!)  :)

Put the 3.0 DLS software disk in the drive... It should auto run and install all the software for database and what not. If it fails at the SQL server.... You can just break out Windows and start over cause there was no way I found to FIX it!!!! But let it run a good long while before you think it locked up too. If your IPW restarts it didn't work........ If you go to lunch and come back to a windows desktop it didn't work either.

If you get thru that disk the battle is over and you only have to mop up at this point. So a big fat congrats is in order. <insert dancing banana> :)

Restart the IPW..... go to system admin. Skip the enhanced services disk... (no archive no needy) Install the dust & scratch disk and the CD burner disk (no need to restart IPW each time) And the same is true for software updates and they should be run next. They are on Kodaks website if you dont have them... run them all and then restart the IPW...

Now is the time to connect it to the MP and see if it will export to the printer. It should and all is ALMOST well.

If you check the event log and have EKFRAME errors.... check the old IPW for the file EKFRAME. You will find it in at least one or two locations. Make sure the file is in the same palaces in the new IPW too. If not put it there manually. Same could be true of other errors if you have them. See what file is where, in the old machine, and make the new one have the same stuff in the same places.

Don't get caught up in the error checking though as some errors are meaningless. And if it prints, at this point WHO CARES!!!!!! cause you have just about won the war!!!!!!

Alright the only thing left to do is install the MP-1600 disk................ And make the scanner be operational to the software.

Time to pray again..... lol

My load didn't work so well. My guess it the hardware caused it NOT to install properly. And I bet yours dont load either. But it's an easy check.

run the MP1600 disk and it will make you install and deinstall a few items. When it's done look on the desktop and see if you have an icon the says STOP (looks like a stop light) and a penguin looking thing. If you don't....... then it didn't load all that you need.

Now life sucks.... Look in the program files folder and confirm that you have a single file called NMC and NOT a folder called NMC. If so throw the file away.

You must go to the old IPW and manually get this NMC folder and it's contents and place it in the same location in the NEW IPW. Now go to the MP1600 disk and look for the folder called win_2000. Open the com folder. Run the DVRFOR2K file. run the ASPI32 file. Back up one level and go in the NMC folder.

NOW assuming that you pulled the NMC folder from a WORKING WINDOWS 2000 IPW you should not have to replace any of these files into the NMC folder. If you have doubts go and drag these files from the win2000 folder on the cd to the NMC folder on the NEW IPW. Next grab the penguin from the CD and place it on the desktop and place a copy of that same alias in the DOCUMENTS>ALL USERS>START MENU>PROGRAMS>STARTUP folder. This will have four alias files when your done..... Delete temp, service manager, tomcat and qss net. Make sure the qss net alias references C:/program files/NMC/NMC.exe

Also take the alias stop (stoplight looking one) from the NMC folder and make a copy on the desktop too.

Now if you haven't put a gun to your head..... you are only one task away from a fully functional IPW.......

You must convince the QSS net software you have a scanner and it knows how to find it.....

Make sure the scanner is ON and hooked up.....

Restart the IPW......... Key operator>system admin  hit the stop light looking icon. It will ask you to confirm the stop once or twice. Say yes and tomcat will stop.

Double click the QSS NET icon. This will fire up the uniformity software. In the task bar click the DATA SAVE program and it will pop up. Click the Uniformity program and it will pop up too. Do it backwards and the uniformity will not popup???   Go figure????

Anyway IF THE SCANNER WAS NOT ON>>>>>>>> restart cause your wasting your time..... PC don't see SCSI unless it's on at startup.

With the uniformty software open look in the  Twain(T)  menu. and look for "vendor".  Assuming you have the 9600 set the check mark for Microtek.

Now try in the same menu to acquire. If your scanner takes off you are SO DONE!!!!!!!

If not go to the SCSI(S) menu and open the information tab. You must set the host adapter and the scsi id to the right settings. You can try to use the checkmark at the bottom for search scanner and see if it finds it. If it does uncheck the search box. and see if the values it found stay put. If so.... try and aquire....... Scanner takes off.... Your so done!!!!!

If not... search the internet for a program called scsicheck and load it up and see where the flippinn scanner is connected. Set the host and id values as reported by scsi check and try acquire.... if it takes off... Your so done.

I have no need for the archive unit anymore so I won't atempt to install it. (heat and electricity I just dont need to burn) But if you want to at this point install it with the right SCSI ID and no conflicts and run the enhanced serves disk, it should work. If it blows up your IPW ... sorry I didn't tell you to put it on. LOL

I have spent months to figure this out. Anyone that has tried and failed knows my pain. I have just saved you possibly hundreds of hours of pissing about with all this stuff. All I ask is if anyone that found this useful has any HOT FOLDER software that I may pirate please please help me out. :)

If you have any questions feel free to ask I have probably done it, screwed it up and burned the Tshirt already.

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A new update to this setup.... I have used the IBM OEM scsi card from the old IPW to connect the scanner and a NEW pioneer SS305 DVD burner. (twice as fast as the plextor)

HOWEVER>>>>>>> It ultimately needed the latest ASPI from Adaptec to work. AND does require backing off the transfer speed and turning off synchronous negotiation. (in the bootup scsi utility)

The first time I built this I used one of the on board LSI channels for the scanner and didn't have to jump thru nearly as many hoops. So in conclusion I might suggest the more generic the scanner connection the better.

You simply might need to use a third party untility to "search out the scanner Host ID and Scanner ID to enter MANUALLY in the uniformity software.

I also let out one tad bit that is important to  get the scanner to fire up inside the uniformity software...... to get the acquire to actually set the scanner in motion manually for checking proposes... You must go to the twain menu and select :load/open then go right back and select :\"open source" pick the Sanwizard PRO and then go back to the twain menu and hit acquire.

I would also pony up a Ghost image if anyone wanted to build and IDENTICAL machine.

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The final footnote to my saga.......

The uniformity software actually uses the scanwizard 32 bit to pull the uniformity scans. While we use the Scanwizard pro to DIM flat art into the dls.

And the twain module needs to be set for automatic contrast control. Mine was not checked after loading the software.

Now where did I put the Ghost CD?

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Try removing and reloading the first DLS software disk. If this doesn't solve it. And I mean uninstalling EACH setup.exe contained on the disk. Might be as many as 6 or 7. Un install all first then reinstall disk.


Then Welcome to my nightmare. As this was the problem I had and caused me to rebuild the whole front end.

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