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Last saturday we do test and its come out most red, value was ower 6 from ideal and printter dont evwn ask off new test. So some more test and runs like dream. Test OK.

This morning monday 7.7 test again red as in image here. After some test everything again OK as other test strip looks.

We havent chance chemystry and paper is Kodak. But test. Something to do by memory or........laser.

Rowe  :o :o

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Is it easy to do self, because us serviseman its far far away?

I find the laser box under CPU unit and batterys.

Also do enyone have photo of this box inside R G B AOM positions.

Us part (AOM) will be here today or to morrow.

Some hours us photos stays good and in some minute all fall down. (Reds...reds..)

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Now I have photo of laser and 3 AOMs. I also have new unit in my hand. So there is 3 AOMs.

I need to replace red. Is it radom or are they in order RGB or how to know R.

I take photos of this projekc, and if OK so I put them to help you as well.


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