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Error 6053-0001


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We cleaned all the sensors yesterday,(I think we cleaned 7 or 8 sensors) and it seemed to run not too bad, but halfway through an order, it got the error again and the machine stopped.

FotoTechnika, or could someone else explain how to check the exposure advance rollers, or the motor?  As I said, we are dead until we can get this problem fixed.

Tracey also said that the machine was making strange noises when trying to load paper. Like it was trying to load, but couldn't.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Brad & Tracey

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We just found out that we missed #29 & #30 sensors...seems as though they are extremely well hidden! They are not even shown in the label picture on the inside of the lid like all the other sensors for the advance unit are !!We had to pay for a call to Noritsu, but maybe now we can see if that's the problem. Might also need to be adjusted if they're out of whack, but apparently a Noritsu tech has the only tools and guages to do this ???? This will cost us a couple Thou$and...hopefully it's just filthy sensors....... Sucks to be a thousand miles from the nearest tech.

Thank you everyone...You people on this forum are fantastic. I feel good about donating to a forum that has such great members as you guys/gals.

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Let's hope you have found the cause. some of those sensors are well hiden indeed.

Another problem to be aware of is the magazines, an old mag. will eventualy become reluctant to feed/re-wind paper. this usualy starts as an intermitant annoying fault, but quite rapidly escalates into an unusable magazine. Easily fixed though, there seem to be quite a few s/h mags floating about now.

It is well worth getting right in there and periodicaly cleaning the paper path, removing the pressure plates and rollers(they do get cling-ons) and giving it a good hoover.

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Thanks frenchman....the error has the prefix 0004 & 0001....both errors indicated that exposure advance unit fix sensor is malfunctioning, or the motor is out of adjustment. The motor works fine with all the checks, but the sensor errors won't quit. we have asked Noritsu to send a tech....going to cost $2000 - $3000 ! The tech will bring parts that MIGHT be shot, just in case, but he thinks it's an adjustment issue.

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Hi guys, Today it's my turn to get this issue 6503-0001.  Got it yesterday, but pressed NO -> NO and it went away and we printed just fine.


Today, we got the same error message.  We're still able to print, but I want to FIX this before it gets any worse.


Tried to clean sensor 2 for the exposure advance unit, but the MLVA pressure plate will not move out of the way.


        MLVA Head cleaning -> Pressure Guide Cleaning ->  <terminated abnormally>

        MLVA Head cleaning -> Head Cleaning ->  <terminated abnormally>


I should have a spare Torque limiter in a spare machine in the garage, but need to move the pressure guide ( I think ) to get to the torque limiter right ??

You're supposed to do this from the top down (from the MLVA area), not the bottom up (ie: from the paper magazine bay)  Right ?


How do you move the pressure guide out of the way to see what's down there, and to get access to the torque limiter ?



I am (NOW) assuming that the Torque Limiter is "Exposure advance unit fix motor" -- and changed from the top-down.

Is this correct ?

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