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The Qss 2611 machine is an analog machine, the V. F. P. facility on it is meant for indext prints. Any time this facility is use for digital print

of 4'' x 6'' size upward this machine ends up very slow and the quality of  print achived through it proces looks bellow standard.the alternative

open to you is to either  install a D carrier on your 2611 or convert the machine to a contact digital printer.which ever option you chose has its

implication  cost and quality wise.From my understanding the digital contact printer option will be a better choise.

I am located in Nigeria too and every time 2611 is reffered to as digital printer , i adjust my seat

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Hi dhemmy,

We are Uk agents for "Contact printing conversions", please check out our web site for more in depth details of this system.

May I point out that the conversion can only be done by an experieced engineer with training of this technology, the end result however is an excellent product much, much better than any add on digital carrier and was given a Dima award at the USA PMA exhibition when introduced over there coming second in the minilabs to a  large Fuji Frontier, others like Noritsu, Agfa etc were placed lower.

We can also give you references for our conversions and one of the latest being in New Zealand, here is our web site: www.fastlabuk.com


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DCP Tech is top of the line, it is between MLVA / LASER Quality. You can get all the information you need at

LabNetPlus.com - Main site for DCP

DigitalContactPrinting.com - My site for dealership

You can also contact me via email: computer@bestphotoonline.com

Best wishes,

Best Photo Inc.

I urge you to go with this tech compared to d-carrier or e-carrier.

USA prices are also much cheaper compared to EU especially from African conversion.

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