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Computer Upgrade for Noritsu Machines (2901+)


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Hello guys! I have been in the business for many, many years and I currently have done many projects to try and help fellow photo labs. One of my projects involved taking 2301 and 2611 and making them digital for as cheap as possible, this was done successfully and currently sells alright. My newest project is mass upgrades of computers for minilab's. After paying so much for a 3213 and having it take a long time to open a picture to edit or crop, etc... I have took it upon myself to do this en mass for the US.

As far as I know no one does this in USA. So far I have upgraded my 3213 almost completely.

It scans negatives, prints, does everything needed, no problems and VERY fast. Works with QSS-Kids everything. Now I encounter this problem whenever I try to upgrade light source, area registration anything even in service mode...

Area out of allowable range. I have purchased the LVDS cards from Noritsu directly ($700 a piece) and the best part is that one card is DISABLED! If I enable it the software does not understand which card is LVDS to machine and which card for other connection on Image PCB area in the workstation board. So with one card everything works, I am guessing that the second card once the computer and scanner communicate the second card programs the boards in the workstation but with it disabled it gives error. I also now understand that with the driver of the second LVDS there is a different version number (2.something) in my other 3213 it has the two cards, same driver but one is different version but in driver details both are 7.60.

I tried putting software version 6.0 but all that did was add some options and make the driver details version 8.6 I believe 8. something....

How would I change one driver to another if anyone has done this? I have attempted to copy driver and inf from WINNT from my other 3213.. No luck at all. It's very disappointing.

Any ideas?

Computer Specs is P5K-e w/ Q6600 but only using 2 cores in Win 2000. PSU is compatible and everything with serials is good. Machine working besides scanner upgrade light source / area reg or such. Goes to almost end and then fails.


Second problem, I am trying to upgrade computer for a 2901 and I reload their software in a WIN 2000 computer same specs, com ports set, newer powersupply (450 watt) everything up and running drivers installed after software and it prints as well but I cannot do balance because scanner gives errors.

CCD Error / Light Source Registration error and it cannot proceed. We cleaned everything inside and Monday will replace the lamp but I believe the problem is software or hardware driven. Any ideas?  The cards were taken from the original computer and they work. Both enabled but error with the scanner... YET the thing reads the film and you can print from film. just doesn't calibrate...

EDIT: Also some points the 2901 software is H002 in Win XP it doesn't even load so I had to put Win 2000 on the Q6600 so yeah.

I have read some places to set the software to only use one core but I do not see how this is problem ... I am stumped.

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I have completed upgrades on Noritsu QSS-2901 and it is COMPLETELY working with scanner unit and everything. Much faster than the PC-NRT-4/4A and even the NRT-5

If anyone is interested in simply upgrading their computer contact me!

Alexander Gutman



I also have 3213 upgraded on display in my store in Brooklyn. If you want to come see email or call me for appointment.

The new PC requires professional installation by my company as well as various computer parts that are very unique and costly. You must also trade in your original Noritsu PC for upgrade.

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why you could not write the exact specification of PC you used for upgradation of your 2901? If you really want to help others.

spectrumcolors, vailid point, I will lock of this thread with a reccomendation that offers of services are done via the Mini Lan Help.com Classified section found at http://www.minilabhelp.com/classifieds/

Any problems with this, please PM me and I can unlcock.

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