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AOM Driver 3202PRO


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I had posted here previously regarding a problem with my 3202 PRO, I got some excellent help from Neil. My problem turned out top be a defective AOM Driver. About a week ago I had a similar problem, with different colors being effected I replaced a second AOM driver and the problem was resolved. Today here we are again, I am presuming this is the last AOM driver causing a problem?

Is this normal for 3 AOM drivers to go out in such a short period of time? Or is there something causing this problem? Any help would be much appreciated.

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hi there!

It is so strange that you lost your AOM so fast. May there is some problem. I can help you to get your AOM fixed. Our success rate is 80% for fixing AOM.

Let me know if you are interested.



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Videotek, how old is your QSS3202 (count from Manufacturing date on serial no. name plate) ? Are you the 1st owner ?

On Noritsu machine, weakening of laser unit can be boosted up (became normal) with a New AOM driver for a while (long or short), we learnt from experience.

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Weakening of Laser unit means YOUR LASER UNIT HAS STARTED TO HAVE PROBLEM, but after a new AOM Driver being replaced, it compensated the problem and machine looked fine for a while (long and short).

If you still have the old AOM drivers, are they "MATSUSHITA branded and model no. EFLC200P24K" or "PANASONIC branded" ? You can find the brand of AOM driver by looking at the label on them, except the latest AOM driver which doesn't have label on them but are more heavier in weight and have a cut section on the top of housing ?

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Matsushita and Panasonic are the same comapny. There is nothig differnce between them. They use both the name for the same product just for the production house limitations. even Fuji's AOM are also manufactured by the same Matsushita (Panasonic) for your informations, these AOM are used in different type of medical equipment also. It is not custom made for Noritsu or Fuji.

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