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Correct way to shut down


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We have a Noritsu QSS - 3011SM DLS (paper), and a OSF-V30SM (film). The way we used to shut the machines down was on the paper we would run the wash cycle then take out rollers #2-7 and rince them then leave numbers 2 and 7 in water overnight. On the film we would take out rollers #2-8 and rince them then leave #8 in water overnight. We would then leave the lids leaning open about an inch or two. Then we had some chemical problems. The tech came out and claimed that we were closing wrong this entire time... The way that we do it now is for paper we let rollers 3-6 sit in water over night(all in one container), and only on Saturday we let 2 and 7 sit in water over night (in there own containers). For the film we let rollers 2-7 sit in one container and roller 8 sit in its own. Now we shut the lids.

I find it strange that all this time we were doing the exact opposite of what we should of been doing. When the tech came he told this to the customer service manager, who said she didn't understand everything that he was saying so she could have gotten it wrong... (conf31)

The only reason I can think of why we started doing it this way is because we are in a small store and dont do that many photos in a day so we have to keep the rollers wet.

Does anyone else do it this way? Is there a better way? I just feel like we are using so much water to fill up the bins every night....

Thanks Will

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On the film processor I just rinse them all every night after use and put them back & leave the lid open a little. On the paper processor I rinse no.2 every night, & once a week wash all the others & I leave lid open when off.

Should't cause any chemistry problems regardless of which ones are washed / soaked on which day!

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