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Noritsu Replenish Pump I013124-00


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Who knows which model of Noritsu equipment is using this I013124-00 Bellow Pump Assembly (KBX-H2Z-S1 3F), working on 24VAC ?

Sometimes confused by different part no. and Bellow pump model,, example

I013127-00   KBX-3Z

I013137-00   KBX-2X

I013133-00   KBX-3X

I013138-00   KBX-3X-F

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Thanks to Dave S.

what do you mean by "V series SM machines" ? do you mean those Film processors like QSF-V30SM, V50SM  etc..?

Thus, I may have bought wrong Bellow pumps b4, there is no SM customers in my country,,, I'm going to sell those 6 pieces of I013124-00 TOTALLY BRAND NEW Bellow Pumps VERY CHEAP in the Forum Classifieds... What price is reasonable and attractive, Dave ? Please specify currency..

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Australia is a good place to off-load those SM pumps. 95%  of  Noritsu minilabs installed over the last 10 years here, have been SM.  As the  appropriate  acronym for Sado Masochistic implies, painful for the operators/owners of such equipment.

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To Photocrop (Sydney, Australia) Sir, I have posted selling of those 6 SM Bellow pump Assy in this forum "Classified" section.  See if you're interested to have some or all 6 peices. They are Brand New and were ordered in by mistake.  I hate SM.....Cheer !

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