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removing keyboard shelf on 2901


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We would like to remove the keyboard shelf on our 2901 so we can move to a new location without having to take a huge window out, and need 15 guys to lift it up. We can't find any instructions to do so in our manuals. Would anybody be able to tell us how we could do this?

Thanks, Brad

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If it's layed out anything like the 2611, although you can remove the keyboard et. al. the 'shelf' its self has a couple of bolts inside the main deck. depends how far down you want to strip it, and whether your helpers are aware of how delicate it is.

I've never stripped this machine, so I may be wrong.

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Thanks guys... I never thought of looking at the parts list to see how it's bolted to the main machine. I have a couple of weeks befotre we are moving, so it will also give me enough time to take a peek under the covers and see what I can do.

I think it's crazy of noritsu to bulid a machine that won't fit through a single door storefront entrance. Moving it in, we had to take out a 4 x 6 foot window beside the door to get it in. I'm also a journeyman glazier, so it was a no-cost endevour, but scary getting the machine up a 27" high ramp to get up to the window, over the window ledge, then back down to the inside of the store.

Thanks again, and if anybody has already taken the keyboard shelf off, I'd really appreciate advice.


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