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Kodak Digital Paper


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Could owners of Noritsu labs using the new Kodak Digital Paper that has replaced their old Royal Gloss and Matte advise me what paper they have registered their paper magazines to.  I was told by the powers that be to register it to Ektachrome Plus as I do not have this paper in my paper registration list on my 3300.

As well, does the 3300 do its daily set up on a 00 channel like my old 2611 used to?  If so, how do I access that channel to find out what paper the machine is doing its set up on each morning?  

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No the 3300 does not use CH00 in the same way as on the 2611.

To see what paper type is used for setup, go to menu. extension, setup, laser setup, paper specification/registration setup.

Normally it will be paper type 1, 102 (1) which is usually glossy paper.

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Sorry for my late reply.  Been out of town.  Yes mpphotos, that is the brand paper we are using that I don't have a profile for.  Spectrumcolours - how do I get a hold of that profile?  The help line seemed to not know about it.  Thanks for clarifying that for me non-Indian Dave.  Our daily set up is on 6" gloss.

Appreciate your replies.  Looks like I need to get hold of that profile.  

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