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2901 contact sheet


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This forum has saved us numerous times, and for that we thank you guys/gals immensly !

Here's one for you....2901, K001. We have over 800 digital pics that we shot for the Relay for Life Cancer Walk that we would like to display as 8 X 10 contact sheets so our customers can choose which photos they want to purchase. I've read the manual and tried everything, but can't seem to find a way to get an 8 x 10.  The wife said that the 3101 she operated could do this. Am I missing something, or just a dummy that can't read a manual? I've stared at that darn print channel setup page for hours, and thought I tried every combination! Could somebody walk me through this...I think I'm getting Altzheimers !

Thank again......Brad

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You can do a large index print by selecting 8R for the index size in the print channel settings.

I think you can only make contact style prints from 35mm negative.

It may be easer/ quicker to make it using Photoshop (file, Automate, contact sheet)

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We do heaps of big (8x12) contact style index prints from digital images so I am having a bit of trouble working out what is going wrong with your setup. Big index prints are a great way of giving a customer an image without it stopping the customer from ordering some proper prints and I'm sure thats what you want to do with your current challenge!

You certainly need to be in a 12" ( or 8") channel and to have already set up that channel to the right size index print but beyond that i can't see what can go wrong!

Any further info from your end ?

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