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2711 stand alone?


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Hello. I recently acquired a 2711 with DLS 3.0. I was wondering how hard would it be to convert system to run as a stand alone using Express Digital software on it. Would I need EZ Mall or Net Order? I currently have a DDP with Express Digital and don't really want to re-train lab people to use different software. Would the 1600 require any major upgrades to become stand alone?

Sorry for all the questions. Machine kind of fell into my lap and I don't want to put a lot of money into installing it if I can't get it to do what I need.

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I don't think you need to do anything except run the ED software. Thats the way they talked to me.. Nothing else to buy just load up their stuff (second macine) and put both PC's on a network... Course it was a salesman talking too. So what part DIDN'T they mention???? IDK?

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My DDP use a "middleman" computer running a "net order" software from Noritsu. My other PC has ED on it and they are on a network. I was hoping to use the IBM (DLS loaded) as the "middleman" computer and just install EZ Mall or Net Order software from Noritsu on it. I'll try Noritsu again on this question.

Tough getting a straight answer from them. Thanks for your help.

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