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Can a noritsu 2611 use 6" paper to print 4X6 photo


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Hi there

I own a 2611 and have recently decided to use 6" paper as opposed to the 4" i was using. The problem is that the machine wont accept the new settings under print channel

It accepts the size 152 x 102 but not the "number of frames to be printed" directly under that.

Number of frames to be printed has to be 1( It only accepts the 2 ) If i use this setting (2) then it prints 2 photos on a larger than 4x6 paper.

Can any1 help here? I was told i need to use disk G for that, Is this true and does anyone have that disk?

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The minimum feed length on the 2611 is 117mm. Therefore if you want to print 6x4 on 6" paper you have to do 2 at a time (which is why it won't let you set the print at 1) and cut them manually when they come out, or set it at 117mm and trim the white borders off. It will also be alot slower because it can only use a single lane on 6" paper. So it's not really worth using 6" paper for 6x4'.

Not sure what the last software version was, I think mine has version A019.

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