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Help 3001 photo curb


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The truth is that this problem didn't start from the begining. I bought this minilab 2 years before and this photo curling started before 6 months.

I know that at the end of each roll there is a kind of curling. At my minilab this curling exists from the beginning of each roll. The first print of every roll has this problem.

The oven temperature is at 50 oC and I have no access of redusing it more. I can adjust the temperature between 50 and 65 oC.

I use Fuji paper mostly (Supreme and DP2).

Moreover I have this problem with every size of paper.

Yesterday I tried something.

I printed 2 photos with some seconds delay between them. I let the first one complete the process and being exported normally.

I export manually the second one before being exported (I open the oven cover). At the last part of the oven. Before being curled and exported.

I observed an important difference between those 2 photos. The percentage of curling in the second photo had been decreased 40% at least compared with the first one.

I thought that some parts of the machine don't work properly.

Thanks for your time, waiting for your ideas

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Maybe there is a problem with the dryer thermo sensor.

Check the actual dryer temperature with a thermometer to see if it is similar to what the machine says the temperature is.

Also check the last crossover rollers (grey felt rollers) are in good condition, as these help to squeeze the print dry, also check the condition of the white sock rollers on the dryer rack, clean/ replace them as required.

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