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V50 fogging Reala?

so lab

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Hi. Brand new user of this forum so please forgive me if this is incorrectly posted or redirect me to the appropriate location, but anyway...

The company i work for has just downsized it's film processor from a massive Refrema dip and dunk to an old refurbished Noritsu V50. Everything set up fine. Operates ok and the chemistry seems in control but - it seems to have major issues with Fuji film. Reala in particular but also a few Pro 120's. When scanned the images show a distinct Majenta banding across one edge of the image.

This is from both 120 film and 135. No Kodak film seems affected and some Fujis are ok too. A reala film processed elsewhere has scanned just fine so it doesn't seem to be our scanner (my first thought).

Next thought was light leaking into the machine somehow so I've been through all the steps I can think of to eliminate this (involving massive amounts of tape and Darksheets) but to no avail.

Any fresh perspective or help would be most appreciated! I'm running short of ideas and none of this seems to make much sense!

Again, i join this forum specifically for this problem so if i'm looking in the wrong place then please point me in the right direction.

Many thanks.


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Load boxes are fine (they couldn't get any more Gaffa taped up than they have been.)

It's just all a little confusing as to why it seems to effect just Fuji Reala? Is Reala so much more sensitive than any other film?

Moreover, just looing at the negs shows no problem, it's only visiable once scanned/printed.

I'll check through the rec system on Monday.

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we had same on agfa optima - which has similar characteristics to reala. one machine worked fine, other would not. these films are very sensitive. was it films from different customers and further, different suppliers. could be chemical fog if say the films were stored in a chip-board cupboard before use

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Films have been from a range of customers and some of our own supply from the freezer. Having said that the effect has varied from source to source as to the degree in which the film is effected. Some films have shown it stronger than others.

I may retank some of the chemistry tomorrow and see if that does anything.

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The pressure on the squeegy's and rollers i'd kinda discounted due to it being a limited range of film and that it occured on 135 and 120 film but appeared after scan and print in the same place and to the same degree i.e) the same amount of frame is effected, it being proportional to the film size. I'll try and add a scan tomorrow to better demonstrate what i mean.

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As promised here a couple of images.

The first is where the problem is relative to the films position going through the machine.

The second is a scan of the actual problem.

Haven't had chance to play with the machine this morning seeing as our E6 is finally working so have been clearing our backlog.



Many unprocessed roles have been through. The film extractor hasn't been a problem before in 10 years. The problem is continous from frame 0 through 36 on 35mm plus is on 120 too which obviously doesn't need extraction.

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These kind of problems are often very difficult to solve. You basically need to go through everything with a fine tooth comb.

Check the machine is level as if not the films may be tracking and rubbing on the side of the racks.

Check each rack to make sure it has been timed properly. To do this check all the gears that are attached to a D shaped shafts are facing in the same direction. Comfirm this by feeding a leader card through each rack by turning the white drive gear by hand. The leader card should go through smoothly without catching.

Last thought is maybe the film sensors are causing a slight fog, but I personally don

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