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? Only for the USA


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Did Noritsu (supposedly) call any of you to check up on the type of machine you had? There is no way this chick was from Noritsu since they ALREADY know what we own..... But I get a call from someone representing herself as Noritsu. She wants to see what machine we still own. Knew we used to have a 2301 wants to know if we still do. Hum???????  But why???

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Retired, what city / state are you in ??

We got a call asking about our old 2302SM... I talked with her for a bit (15+ minutes) and she knew/mentioned several names, so I was somewhat confident she was legit.  She also asked if I wanted any literature on their new equipment sent to me...

There's only 2 reasons (that I can think of) why they would bother calling :

1) They're polling to find out which labs are still "alive"....

and / or

2) To find out who's still using old equipment for a possible sales call to buy their new stuff

    2a) to decide which stuff to discontinue supplying parts for (?)

Big Dave

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Yup !  Got a call from Noritsu saying I cannot buy any more replacement parts for my "old" 2301 - Effective Immediately.

Also, my "other" machine will be the same in "X" years time.

here's the schedule -- basically  8 years after the machine has been discontinued, parts will also no longer be available....

    23/24/25 series - no more parts available.

    26/27 series - no more parts after March 2010

    28 series - no more parts after March 2011

    29 series - no more parts after March 2012

And also if I wanted to trade in my "other" machine for a newer 3701..... while it still has trade-in "value" with Noritsu....

After parts are no longer available, my "other" machine will be worth nothing for trade-in.....

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