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Noritsu V30 Film processor


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Just bought a second hand Noritsu V30 machine to develop 35mm and 120 films but have no instructions or experience with these machines. I have only used a ra4 paper processor. I bought it on ebay and got some chemistry and other bits with it including paper magazines, aps film cutters, and other stuff that may have nothing to do with it. The man I bought it off knew nothing about photography. It had its original chemistry in it but I emptied most of it to make it easier to transport. I have put water in most of the racks to run it. it powers up ok and the machine turns ok but i get visual and audible warnings that this or that tank is too full or too empty. So I need a manual or instructions or general help. It may need extra bits to do what I want it to do,may need a service etc. I do not want to use it commercially, only for my own freelance business.

Any help or advice much appreciated!!



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It does seem like a nice idea to tank up the V30 and put through a few films but the reality is that it is going to cost you a few hundred dollars to get it going just with the chemistry needed and then you will need to put through maybe fifty rolls a week just to keep it in control.

Having said that, if thats what you want to do your best bet is find someone in your area who can give you a hand. Everything is very logical but its much easier to do on the spot rather than by email or this sort of forum.

Anybody else got any help or ideas? How many films does a V30 need to keep in control?

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They are an easy machine to run. As far as setting up goes you need to pay someone to come and give you a hand. There are lots of ex engineers and ex mini lab owners out there who would spend a day with you to sort it out.

As has been said, your real problems will be chemical ones. You really do need a densitometer (or someone else who will read your strips) In the old days of 250 - 500 films per week then the process would look after itself. With low useage, you will need to keep a careful eye on it.

My advice: Put it on ebay and get the local minilab to process your films!

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If you want to process your films yourself then i will sugest you to go for bach film processors i had seen one few years back with tetnal it wwas microprocessor controled with a small tempreturecontroled water-bath. it suposed to take maximum three films at a time films were loaded on a spiral (as it is done for manual tank processing.)

By the way how much films are you planing to process per week in you V-30

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The warming can be that the chemical sensor is faulty.( in the chemical filter area )

Trying cleaning it first, each and everyone from CD to STB

It can also be the float that is dirty.

If your usage is low ( say 10 rolls a day )

Every 2 weeks drain 1 litre of CD from the main developing tank and

add 1 litre of CD replenisher.

1 month once drain 1 litre of Bleach from the main developing tank and add 1 litre of

Bleach replenisher to the main tank.

Dump the main tank stablizer every other week ( the one after the bleach )

This is not the best method but if you want to keep the film processor this will

be a safe bet to maintain the quality.


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