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Paper jam in a 1600


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Anyone ever had this happen? I can run 3.5x5 and 4x5 and 4x6 from 4 and 5 inch mags with no problem. Kickin 1000 out at once. But if I run a 3.5 inch advance on 10in paper (half unit of wallets) and I run more than about 3 or 4 sheets I get a jam in the bottom (number 1) advance unit. It doesn't jam if I keep the number short 3 4 or 5 maybe. But If I run 10 in a row.....St happenin'

I'm not sure why this happens. I don't think the belts could be at fault yet the paper is overlaped when I clear the jam.

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I think you can slightly adjust the shafts with the white rollers on.

Just loosen the screws each end and move the shaft a bit closer towards the centre of the unit.

Basically you should not be able to twist the print when it is held in-between the belts.

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sorry, I misread your problem thinking it was in the wet section.  I also had an experience similar to yours.  There would be a short strip of paper sitting crooked on the rollers at the front of sec 2.  I found a sliver of paper in the advance area causing the jam.  This was happening with uniformity strips on 10" paper and didn't effect longer advances or 5" wide paper.

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That motor is a stepper... it can run locked rotor all day and not burn out.... 8) (probly the only reason it hasn't yet.) :D

Funny how i've had this thing as long as I have and i never noticed that it only drives the bottom belts. The top ones only run from friction. (spinning1)

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