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I have just put my lab on a network that is connected to the internet instead of an isolated one for the first time, it is a noritsu qss-3000 and currently running on windows 2000 service pack 3,..  is it safe with all the noritsu software etc. to run all the updates up to the latest service pack (6?) to make the machine a tad more secure?

- Ben

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Personally I would not connect the Noritsu to the internet. We have our qss-3001 connected to a network where the 2 other computers are connected to the internet, but the Noritsu is unable to connect due to the firewall settings in the router. The other computers are running antivirus software so any issues are sorted before the 3001 opens the files! Andy

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just for your system QSS it's better to run with the latest service pack of windows 2000 (SP4) ,it's better for the USB and for the network ,but it's very important to never connect a minilab directly in internet ,because is are not protected system,Make a connection under router/firwalled is more securised.

bye frenchman

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