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How to drain V30 replenishment tanks


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By mistake there has been pured a wrong mix of developer into the replenishment tanks of our V30, how do we empty the CD replenisment tank?

Earlier I have disconnected the hose connected to the CD pump, but in the process I damaged the pump inlet and had to buy a new one, so i rather not do that again.

Surely there must be a hose for emptying the repl. tanks?

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Unfortunately no there is not a hose for draining the replenisher tanks.

In Japan they never make the mistake of putting the wrong chemistry in the wrong tank ;) So why fit drain pipes ;)

The easiest way (not the quickest) is to remove the pipe from the rep pump by unscrewing the outer black collar, the pipe then just pulls out, be careful not to loose the poppet valve.

The quickest way is to remove the whole rep tank (though you need access to the back panel for this) just have to disconnect the level sensor from the top of the tank before pulling the tank out from the front of the machine.    

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What happeded was that i had filled in half a tank of chemistry (Fuji), 5l, but I forgot to clear the error message and while I had lunch another employe had startet to fill a full tank (10l) but of course it was not room for it so now we got 2l water and 2 cans of 500ml A (of A+B+C) that there is no room for.

I'm not sure how "dangerous" this is for the solution, can I just pour in the remaining water + A bottles when there is room for it, or should I drain the tank?

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