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Please advise QS- 2901 owners I am thinking of buying a 2901, But I am concerned that it will not fit in through the doorway of my place which is (770 mm wide) All the information I have seen shows the diamentions of this machine as (2220 mm long and 970 wide ) What items if any can be taken off the machine to make it narrower e.g. the order sorter and the grey work top, and what is the minmum width of the machine when items are removed, Thanks All

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I don't own a 2901 but I have seen one go thru a 32inch doorway. And it is my understaning that noritsu built ALL of their equipment with the ability to do so.

However 770mm is 30.31 inches........ SOOOOOOoooooooooo you might have a problem.

My mp 1600 takes every inch of 31. I had to take the door of the hinges to fit it inside.

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You would have to take the compuer out too...We found it easier to take the 4 foot window out beside the door to get our 2901 in. Taking the door off and removing the frame would work well, as long as there is no sidelight, otherwise it is just as easy to put the machine through the sidelight hole if you have to take out the window anyway.

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