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QSS-3001 ANM sensors (receiver side)


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We have a QSS-3001 which ANM has sensor problem. Our tech found the LED trnsmitter is good but we are having the DX-photo receiver problem or dead.  Those tiny PCB sensor board on Noritsu parts list are no longer available to be ordered. Noritsu request me to have the whole ANM to be shipped back to Noritsu Japan for factory... Is it the real cruel fact ?  or any buddy has a solution or idea where to buy the receiver sensor ? ? ? ? URGENT to me though.. please help

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yes , in reality is not possibile to order sensors ...  I was once open the afc and take out sensor ..   but its realy hard to adjust it position ...

did you try to sensor led intensity adjustment and sensor sensitivity adjustment from sevice mode ??

on witch value is witch sensor ???


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Often the cause is damage to the cables for the sensors due to the constant changing from 240 to 135 positions.

But to replace the wiring loom is a total nightmare.

Unfortunately the only solution really is to get the mask refurbished by Noritsu.

Some Noritsu subsidiaries will offer you a loan mask while yours is being repaired.

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