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MP-1600 arm finger adjustment


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The service manual is not clear how much GRIP these should have. I have an issue with uneven pressure and crooked prints. I have ran out of adjustment in the menu and still cant get it straight. SO....... I get to adjust the finger pressure. I was just looking for someone who has done it before and how much pull/grip they should have.

Thought I should check before I have to give my 1600 a different kind of finger adjustment. ;D

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Enlighten me a little, Retired!

The early arms were adjustable and indeed required much fiddling around with finger tension. I do have faint recollections at the Kodak Training School using a gram gauge.......but in the field we used pieces of paper, individually adjusting the fingers for pressure on each pad to what feels GOOD.

The later updated arms used a different compound on the pressure pads and longer wearing  giving less reason  for the need to adjust. They were also re-engineered, getting away from the common bar which was a dog to balance for equalised pressure. The new fingers were independantly mounted.

Am I right?

A useful trick to clean the surface of these pads was to first make up a "tool"  using film splicing tape (the really tenacious type)  and devise a double sided tape probe attached to a thin s/steel 6inch ruler. We then open and close the fingers, in  1/o checks, moving the tape across the fingers to purge the pores of the pad compound of ingressed paper dust. This seemed to breath new life into the fingers. Of course you need to remove paper deack "A"etc,  to gain clear access......nothing's easy on an MP-1600.


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