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scanner registration error


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The manual says communication time out zoom lens setting, it lists d-ice PCB, scanner unit, etc as the problem.

Does the scanner unit make the normal sounds?

I know you had problems with the d-ice PCB, was this ever replaced?

Have you tried a new lamp?

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Sorry, tied up and forgot to answer. The scanner makes all the normal sounds on start up. The D-Ice board is fine, it seems as though our scanner unit is shot though...Paid $150.00 for a new lamp and nothing changed. A friend thinks the scanner unit should be replaced, but it costs about $3,000 just to get a tech up her to adjust it after we replace it. The total would be about $7,000 or more for a refurbished Noritsu replacement I think. We're looking at Pakon stand-alone scanner units right now, or we're going strictly digital, I guess.

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Check that the scanner light source section (scanner

lamp, reflector and heat absorbing filter) is neither

damaged nor soiled.

Reset the power supply.

3 Replace the scanner lamp

did you try with ccd calibration ?

Try from output check litlle force motors from zoom , iris and etc in scanner ...    you can and clear inside of scanner when you take out upper cover , AFC and then you have filter weel unit ,  tray and with glas upper of the lamp , optical cable from lamp to AFC ..

I am not sure that you need to change scanner  98%  


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