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Need help with replenishing my solution tanks


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Have a 3300 pro series printer and i am about to drain out the solutions and clean out the racks and inside of the tanks. I need help with the initial setup of the machine after I am done cleaning. How much water and solution to put in back in the machine. I saw this done like a year and a half ago and forgot what the noritsu tech guy did. I tried looking at the manuals and cannot find the instructions for that. All it shows is how to drain out the solution and take apart the machine for cleaning. If someone can direct me to a site where it shows how to do this would be great. thanks

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Amongst all the loose documentation, separate  to the manuals, which you should have on site that came with your installation, will be a Specifications sheet specific to your QSS (that is unless the Noritsu tech walked out with it!). You'll find all the tank capacity data inside this doc. Usually about a 1/2 dozen pages in content.


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Developer Tank size is:  13.6

BLIX: 13.9

Rinse for each tank: 6.625

Take a look at your chemistry for the formula's of each.  And as Neil mentioned, you will need starter for the developer.  My next question, it's been over a year since you cleaned your racks?

Also if the Dev and BLIX are fine (control strips reading ok), then I would just pull the racks and clean them, just replace your print rinse chemistry.

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I agree with prodpi if your control strips tell you your chemical are OK then you just need to pull out racks and clean them it is a rutine process it is recomended once in a month.

we hade made it a rutine to clean one rack daily. I had not changed any chemical from last Four years, By continues monitoring of replenisher and countrol strips.

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if you want to clean processing tanks and pumps you can collect tank solution in a clean vessel(recomended a new cane rinsed properly with water for Color Developer) when you put it back in tank after cleaning tanks. tank solutin(replenisher+starter+water as recomended by chemical suplier) shuld be added to mantain level of tanks.

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Hello Nitin,

It is always better to change working tank solutions at least once in 6months/12 months. cleaning racks daily is not necessary , once in 30days is quite fine. But not replacing working tanks since 4 years is too much and it is better to charge with fresh chemicals at least now.

From which part of India are you from? Just out of curiosity.

Do you use any ordering software to accept files from customers? I mean "Print ordering software at your counter and collection points.

Are you planning to visit "Photo Fair" ?



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Processor information



                            Bleach Fixer                        Stabilizer Dryer

Processing time RA-4RT 45.4 sec 45.5 sec 1 min 27 sec 25 sec

RA-4NP 45.4 sec 45.5 sec 1 min 27 sec 25 sec

PRIME SP 45.4 sec 45.5 sec 1 min 27 sec 25 sec



45.4 sec 45.5 sec 1 min 27 sec 25 sec



RA-4RT 35

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