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Lines seen in final print QSS 3001


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QSS 3001 system is fresh after the successfull recovery last night .All went fine except for the lines.

I am posting you 03 fresh photos printed just now,which have lines and also a pinkish tinge.

When we first started the machine this morning  all went fine for 02-03 hours.We had already run daily setups last nite and this morning tooo.Since noon today we have seen traces of lines in 4 x 6 , 8 x 12 and other formats.These occur randomly ..When we shutdown the machine and start it after 30-45 minutes it worked fine for sometime.Please not that the room temperature is 23 degree celcius.. .It will be easier for us to diagnose and perform any check so as to replace any faulty spares.

Please have a glace at the prints and suggest me any checks i can make.

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after the recovery have you read a back up data? or have you execut the initial setup ?

i think you have the Cyan/red AOM Driver in default ,2 possibility   1) make a new initial setup to reinitialised the laser 2) exchange the AOM with another Mag/green for example and make the initial setup.If the AOM driver Cyan/red is out the problem move to Mag/green ,and at this point is nessessary to chang it by new one

sorry for my english     frenchman

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Dave well we bought a new AOM and replaced it with the RED AOM.we did initial setup

same problem

Later we swaped GREEN and RED

with initail setup done

Same problem persisted

We even loaded initial data and fine tuned the settings

We are running with H001 and Profile data 7.02

I am in deep trouble


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It is really difficult to tell what is going on from those print samples.

The lines look magenta now instead of cyan indicating the green AOM signal processor is faulty.

Can you make a grey test print instead.

Are these lines on both digital prints and prints from negative?

Do they show up on the setup Prints?

Another thing you do is to try replacing the SD RAM on the image processing PCB.

Profile data 7.01 is not compatable with H001 software it must be 6.50-6.54

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well things seem fine since today morning.Anyways we ordered for another AOM.

The earlier posted prints remain the same from the media as well as the negative.

however these lines are not shown when we do initial setup.

These lines were not seen  when we did setup print.

Please make a note that 03 SDRAMS on the image processor PCB are new.

Some other details

1.Errors in this equipment occur at times.The machine might run OK for  a week without any problems of any sort and suddenly some error comes.earlier it was image processing PCB which hasnt appeared after changing the SDRAMS and cleaning the dust.

2.This equipment is cleaned every month and the room temparature is 22 degree Centigrade.

is there any software to make a complete diagnostic of this equipment.

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sory for replying so late i was having some problem with internet

From the prints above I conclude the problem at presen is with aom as in the print of sacks your   GREEN AOM is not working properly now when i think you are using same AOM with RED laser in picture of man talking on phone problem is seen with RED AOM.

So in both of these picture problem is moving along with same AOM

as far as i can understand previously in picture of temple problem was with RED AOM which you had replaced with a new one now problem is with another AOM.

what i think is something else is wrong some where that is creating fault in your AOMs.

Acording to me you shuld first check your electric suply using a good multimeter

Special care must be taken while dealing with AC mains Electric shocks can be deadly injurious.

you shuld measure voltages entering machine

measure voltage between

1.  Live and Nuetral

2. Live and Earth

3. Neutral and Earth

these voltages are to be checked with load on( machine on) i repeat special care is to be taken while dealing with AC Mains.

If the problem is not continues i.e. it occuers at times check the voltages when there is no problem and when there is problem.

By the Way in which part of india you are situated.

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Hello ferozp,

How is the condition of 3001 printer now? Hope every thing is fine now? Sorry to hear the great pain you under went.

I am facing same problems with my 3001 printer, First I was seeing green lines now and then and gradually more and more prints had the lines, after guessing the AOM problem I interchanged Green/magenta AOM  with Red/Cyan AOM. After that  it started producing red lines confirming the Failure of one AOM at least.

Now from the posts I can make out you brought AOM in India (from the price tag) from whom did you buy ?

Noritsu branch office or from third party source? I am asking you, as I also need one AOM immediately for replacement. If you bought from third party source please send me a PM about the source/supplier.

From your discussion I can make out two of your AOM's failed not one red/cyan and green/magenta,am i right?

Thanks for any early reply.


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