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MP1600 flatbed scanner replacement options


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Our flatbed scanner (Microtek Scanmaker 9600XL)is on the blink. Microtek is not servicing them any longer.  Does any one know if there are other or newer scanners that will work seamlessly on this machine for the daily setups? Sorry if this is a stupid qurestion. I just don't know as it seems everthing else with this system (originally set up as a 2711) is propritary.  

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I can't imagine anything else will work. The DLS is so tempermental that I just wouldn't think so. Myabe if you got another microtek scanner...a direct decendant so to speak you might have a chance. The scsi concetion alone might prove hard to get around.

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I found a Microtek Scanmaker 9600XL on e-bay last year.  I was told that the two e-proms on the scanner pcb have to be the ones made for the mp1600.  Just switch 'em to the replacement.  It worked for me.

What's the problem with your scanner?


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