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difference between 3202Digital and 3202SD


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As far as I know the only difference between a 3202digital and a 3202SD is the way the image processing is done.

On the 3202digital the image processing is done by hardware.

On the 3202SD the image processing is done by software (SD=software driven)

For the 3202Digital the control station is CS-1.

For the 3202SD the control station is CS-2

Check on the serial number plate on the CS as to whether it is a CS-1 or CS-2.

Another way to tell is to remove the back panel from the control station, if there are lots of circuit boards in there then it is a 3202digital, if there is only 1 small board then it is a 3202SD.

As to which one is better that

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thanks for reply dave what i had heard was also similar

do you have any of the machine(3202SD or Digital) with you?

it will be very kind of you if you can provide any photograph of control station with back panel removed

is the serial no provided in software or it is just printed on a lable?

Are the printer and processor same in digital and SD models

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I think i am a bit confused

is cs-2 a cpu like box with all drives etc which sits on left of monitor

if it is what i think then i can not see any mother board or disk drives are they removed from this picture or i am misunderstanding cs-2

what i am concluding from this picture is cs-2 is whole table including computer and may be you are sending me photograph of cabine below monitor

i am sending photograph of CS-2 you may plese gude me in which part of this photograph to look for these pcbs

also menton which among these small 4 boards is image processing board

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The CS-2 is the whole thing including the PC monitor etc. The PC is the white box to the left of the monitor.

Yes the picture is cabinet below the monitor, viewed from the back of the monitor.

For your info the PC's are named PC-NRT-RS2 or RS6 for a 3202 digital, and are named PC-NRT-RS9 for the 3202SD.

There should be a label below the floppy drive identifying the PC type.

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Yes they use different motherboards.

The PC-NRT-RS2 uses an Intel D850EMVRL motherboard with RIMM RAM PC800 as standard 256MB (512MB for UK spec)

The PC-NRT-RS6 uses a Ricoh FB9 motherboard with DDR RAM as standard 256MB (512MB for UK spec)

The PC-NRT-RS9 uses a Ricoh FB9G-L motherboard DDR RAM as standard 2GB

I think the processors fitted are P4 2.4GHZ but not totally sure on that one.

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