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2612 p1 error


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wondering if any one can assist ,it appears there is a sensor malfuntion under the p1 box causing the machine to ask me to attatch  a new p1 box, whilst im waiting for a new sensor can anyone tell me how to overide the message and continue printingit is becoming very frustrating to say the least

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You may ba able to clean the connectors on your circuit board. We had the same problem on our 2901. there is a black cover over the board, just to the left of the sensors. (on the 2901 anyway). Carefully remove the plugs and clean the plugs on the wiring harness as well as the plugs on the board. The sensors were fine, but the corrosion in the board plugs were causing screwy errors.

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What he means is you can  cheat here a little by isolating the particular sensor for the particular "bladder"  causing the error. Identify it by  removing the cover over the LED sensors PCB, then  remove the P1 package from the SM tray. Next stick your finger down the holes where the necks of the P1 pack were inserted, blocking the sensor  and see which LED stays on. (the LED should go  out).

Remove the SM tray and turn it upside down, look at both connectors for the sensor. One will have 2 wires and the other 4 (four). The two centre wires, usually black and white but I have come across different colors, need to be shorted together with a small link at the plug on the PCB side of the connector. Once this is done  you can leave it unplugged from the  package sensors.

We used to carry  a few pre-prepared shorted male plugs for a " quick-fix" in the field. Your sensor is probably aready stuffed so you may as well make up one of these gizmos for next time this happens. Just plug it in and whalla! You only need the link so cut the two other outside ones off the plug.


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