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port 256 on a dls machine????


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Is port 256 on an IPW scannable? (word?) I cannot connect a DIM to my DLS... So I scan for port 256 from another and its not found??? How do I turn it back on? The archive extractor wonk hook up to my IPW either. I assume it's looking for 256 also?

Yes all the server defaults and IPW IP addresses are what they should be....

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DIM Module Error "Failed to Connect to DLS. Status Code 2"

October 16, 2006

Use these instructions with the NORITSU QSS-2711 and QSS-2721 running KODAK DLS System Management Software 1.1.A, 2.0 LA, or 3.0 LA, and the NORITSU QSS-2911 and QSS-2921 running KODAK DLS System Management Software 3.0 LA.


When the Digital Input Module (DIM) is launched, the following error message appears: "Failed to Connect to DLS. Status Code 2"

How to Correct

There are two probable causes for this situation:

The Network Order Defaults are incorrect. The correct information is: Incoming Network Orders = available.

The DIM Server Defaults are incorrect. The correct information is:

DLS IP Address =

DLS Port Number = 256

Username = pns

Password = pns123

To obtain a successful connection with the DIM, the IP address used in the DIM Server Default must match the IP address assigned to the INTEL ETHEREXPRESS Adapter on the IPW. If the user connects the IPW to a local network, the IP address is no longer set to the factory specification. To obtain and/or verify the IP address of the INTEL ETHEREXPRESS Adapter:

Exit the DLS application.

Select Start > Programs > Command Prompt.

At the DOS prompt, type ipconfig then press Enter. The following screen appears:

NOTE: Two Ethernet adapters should appear. One Ethernet adapter is used for the communication between the IPW and the MP1600 and must have the IP address This IP address cannot be used for the DIM. The QSS-2911 and QSS-2921 will only display one IP address.

Enter the other IP address listed into the DLS IP Address section of the DIM's Server Default Setting. Do not enter IP address

To exit the Command Prompt window, type exit then press Enter.

http://www.kodak.com/eknec/PageQuerier.jhtml?pq-path=3107&pq-locale=en_US look here the problem and update for your sofware and ipw

bye frenchman

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