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Make Noritsu machine read Fuji Kiosk orders?


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We have 1 Kodak Kiosk and 1 Fuji Kiosk, the Kodak kiosk is made to fit several minilabs and is working fine with our Qss2901 in NetOrder Mode (DPOF), but the Fuji kiosk is based on another technology C8 i believe Fuji is calling it, but that does not work with Noritsu.

The problem is that when a customer order like 300 pics. we must print out the whole order summary (several A4 papers with information on size and quantity(?) for each print, and its a waste of paper and ink), if we had a Fuji minilab it would be no problem, but is there a "walkaround" to get it from this C8 into a ordinary DPOF?

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