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Noritsu 3001 fresh install -QSS doesnt start


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Well I started late night all over again. Used a new 80 GB hard disk and made a fresh installation using Recovery CD#1.Installation was perfect except for the LVDS and ARCNET drivers which I later got it from c:\winnt\system32\drivers directory. I installed the following software in order.


2. Card calendar Creation SW

3. Digital Ice

4. Frame Print Creation Software

5. Multi frame creation sw

6. Package Creation Software

7. Profile6_55

8. Red Eye removal sw

9. Win_2K_SP3

Restarted the Machine

NOW QSS hangs and am stuck up!!!!

No sound and initialization of negative film scanner

Did I miss anything

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Go to the  Noritsu"registered Users" section and read "Need directions for system restore for 3101Digital"  Dave S last post on that subject works perfectly on a 2901, so I would imagine it will get your machine up and running in no time. We went fro DEAD to replacing M/B & HDD and installed all software and drivers according to his procedures, and were running again in three hours. If not for a huge help from Dave S with sending us a used M/B, we would have been closed for much longer than we could have handled. Now that we made it throught the Holiday season with a thrown-together system, we can consentrate on building a faster system, also advised by Dave S.

We have an upgrade motherboard and procressor  and HDD on the way and are extremely confident that Dave S' instructions will get us in the fast lane.

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there is not driver are used by windows for the lvds and arcnet hud ,is under control by the noritsu software.

When you install the software H002 is  important to load before the soft the SP4  of windows and not use a usb mouse and keyboard because this is not supported by the original recovery ( the base of windows in the recovery is W2000 SP2).

by frenchman

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There are 2 versions of the LVDS and ARCNET card driver, the old drivers not being compatible with newer software.

Go to Windows device manager, on other devices click uninstall for both the ARCNET & LVDS devices.

On the QSS main system CD there should be a DelOldDriver batch file, run this. Now run the main system setup exe file again. The LVDS and ARCNET drivers should up date when the system restarts.

It is recommended to load service pack 4 rather than service pack 3.

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Load windows 1st, then Service pack 4.

Next load the Noritsu system software, but none of the add ons etc.

THEN make sure it all works before doing anything else.

After this, add each accessory one by one and check it functions after each one

When you load the system software it shows you its progress as it loads all the drivers etc. If it stalls on this then try a restart, it can sometimes be ok on the second attempt.

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after the recovery and the SP4 load the QSS H002 soft and wait ,the firmware for each pcb are loaded(maybe you can see this alarm after the load "initial setup was not ...") and after you load the all the accesory each after each but is not nessessary to restart after each accesory.

I hope that you have a good noritsu backup .


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I used a fresh 80 GB HDD.

Made a recovery using recovery CD#!

Installed SP4 for win2000

Installed H002 QSS and then rebooted the machine.

It took 30 min for all the processing to finsh.

QSS was up and fine.

Later i installed the noritsu profile

then then all other software like digital ice,frame creation,red eye etc

All worked fine thanx once again--This is a wonderful site

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