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Noritsu and Adobe join hands to help minilabs


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Hello to all,

Well, we all agree to some extent that whatever might be digital hype, the quality of  prints from digital cameras we make from our minilabs is not completely satisfactory as in films.

The main reason for this is that, many photographers shoot in jpeg format and submit files to lab  for printing and since  in-camera jpeg processed images give little or no scope for improving quality of the images. All of our attempts to improve quality in one aspect is to loose in some other aspect and most of the time we loose highlights to bring back shadow details and vice-versa.

And at the same time we all know that RAW  work flow is the only solution. But many pro photographers didn't jump in to RAW bandwagon because of lack of knowledge in RAW processing or because of additional time consuming and complicated process by its nature.

Neither labs also attempt to adopt RAW work flow due to the same above reasons or lack of automated solution.

Now, the two stalwarts Noritsu and Adobe Systems joined hands together ( or reached to agreement ) to provide a  standards based RAW work flow solution in Minilab systems.

The result of this agreement might be that, shortly minilabs will accept RAW captures from their pro photographers and provide RAW processing and printing resulting in much better and satisfying quality prints automatically.

For more details on this agreement  here is the link http://kvssetty.imagegallery.in/archives/8

Your comments and thoughts on this are welcome and much appreciated.


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