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Bad color on B/W Fuji DPll matte paper


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Hi again:)

We have a problem with the Fuji DPll matte paper (glossy is fine), the problem is that in certain shades on B/W prints there is always a wrong tone. It kind of yellowish and i would think i might be because of a problem with the colorimeter not being good enough to read the color?

But on Crystal Archive Matte paper (Fuji's badest paper) there is no problem, but its so thin and i dont like it.

I tried to scan two identical images printed on DPll matte and CA matte, but the scanner could not pick up enough information in the affected areas.

Here's a scan of the daily setup print, and you can clearly see the difference in tones, specially on the 3 darkest ones (where the problem is).


Is there a way to fix this, or do we have to get a new colorimeter?

Also, here is the daily setup readings from the DPll matte paper, notice that on the last line it measures Y as 4.00:


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Dave S: I now did try to use a piece of fogged paper on the plate and the readings dropped significant, see atch.

I did not register the data though (i guess it would have been wrong measures anyway with a tempered plate), but would this mean we need to get a new calibration plate then?


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the other paper are good,when you make the clabration or it's all paper with this problem ?

and your machine run with Ibeam technologie and i'sorry but i dont know this technologie but the principe of functionaly with noritsu ,never change.

I purpose .registred a new paper group number 4 for example and make the initial setup. you can see after if all are better.

Profil 6.62 for me it's older but not all machine can run with the Profil 7.02,when noritsu make new program or new profil you have correction.

If you dont have problem with the other paper,dont think hardware problem ever,make all setup and analyse.

Bye frenchman

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We use the following paper types:

Fuji Crystal Archive Supreme (glossy) - no problem at all

Fuji Crystal Archive (matte) - no problem at all

Fuji Crystal Archive DPll (glossy) - no problem at all

Fuji Crystal Archive DPll (matte) - this is were we have problems

And i have tried several times to register the paper again (deleting it, then rerun paper specification setup) but it always get wrong readings like shown on the first screenshot.

Any of you have the newer profile data?

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if your machine is a 30XX series in the colorimeter you can make the setup for the mechanical advance. (make with your paper FUJI DPII)

log you with service disk to the maintenance menu and go to the colorimeter unit adjustement =>f function =>paper test advance=>draw the first line on the paper at 15mn away fron the test paper edge,after make a seconde line at 240mn away fron the first posisition =>remove the colorimeter =>execute the test  via f function

insert the test paper with the first line into the colorimeter=>press yes/start =>the paper stop at the first line => here will be in the center of the hole if is not correct adjust him with -1/+1 after press yes start the test move to the second line make the same adjust it to center of the hole and press yes start and the paper move to the original position. when all is good press yes ok to registred the setup.

after make a new daily setup or emulsion setup

bye frenchman

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The machine is a QSS-2901.

Profile data 6.62 though not the latest is compatible with K001 software.

Upgrading the profile data is not going to affect the way the colorimeter reads the actual print.

It is worth checking the colorimeter print stop position as suggested by Frenchman though.

I still think the calibration plate is the cause of the high DMAX readings.

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Thanks for all the suggetions, i have sent a mail to Noritsu service and asked if they can get me a new plate and disk, but no answer yet..

I'll check out the feed of the colorimeter, but have to much to print the next days so it will have to wait a few days (the problem is only visible at B/W so there is not that big of a problem for most prints).

Ill also try to give the mlva box a thourough cleaning.

I'll come back with a reply when I get time to test this:)

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