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2901 AFC jamming on cut negs.


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All our film, whether full rolls or cut negs loop around and come back out at the right side of the carrier. Sometimes the cut negs will jam right where they loop back under. It also freezes up our CPU (again) when that happens.Tracey says that on the 3101 at WallyWorld that she was trained on the negs came straight through. Is there a way we can set our negs to feed through without looping back around or installing an auto-sleever?

Any ideas?

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Yes, the rollers in the carrier are cleaned daily. Only the cut negs are the problem...we're not sure if the "freeze" is causing the negs to jam, as we have to pull them out manually after we reboot, or if the neg jam is causing the CPU to freeze...???

Would there be an option on this carrier to have them go straight through, or are we stuck with the loop-under senario? Maybe it scans on the bottom part of the return? The AFC cleaner goes straight through though, as does the film on the 3103...?

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The 2901 & 3101 scan in different ways.

On the 2901 the negative is pre scanned as the negative goes in, this gives you the scan for the images that are shown on the monitor, the main scan for the actual prints is made as the negative exits the mask (on the right hand side).

On the 3101 there is no pre scan, the main scan is done as the negative goes in, so the negative can exit on the left of the mask, this means you have to wait for the whole negative to be scanned before the images appear on the screen ready for printing. It can be done this way on the 3101 as the scan resolution is lower (thus takes less time to scan) as the 3101 outputs at 320dpi as apposed to 400dpi on the 2901.

If the negative was scanned in the same way as on the 3101 you would have to wait a very long time (due to the increased scanning resolution) before the images appeared on the screen ready for printing.

For the negative to exit on the left side the machine would have to feed the film in for the pre scan, feed it out again, then feed it back in for the main scan. The more feeding you do the greater the chance of the negative being scratched.

There is no option to change the way the negative scans or the way the negative exits on the 2901. About all you can do is remove the flappy bit if you have to print very curly negatives.

There is no auto sleever option for the 2901, this was only available on the 28 and 31 series.

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Neil,...I'll have to check the manual about sensor adjustment. We'll give that a shot.

Dave S,...O.K., that's why any changes to DSA etc doesn't show right away...it's just the pre-scan we're seeing. Tracey was wondering why that was. She was taught on the 3101, so she relates things to that machine. There are quite a few things different between the two models, but we produce far greater quality prints than we've ever seen come from a 3101. In my opinion the mlva is way better than the laser, slower, but much better quality.

This is a real learning experience, but one we both love doing. Without the great people on this forum, we'd have given up with the first major breakdown, but thanks to you guys & gals we're doing pretty good now.

Thank again,     Brad & Tracey

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