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Streaks/Lines on 4"


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Today i noticed some lines on the side of all prints in the right lane (facing the sorter/convoyer) see atch. picture.

You cant see it on the scan, but the two lines consist of several smaller lines of magnified a little.

The strange thing is that it's only visible on 4" paper, not on 6" and 12" even if they pass the same part of the mlva head.

The input source does not matter.

I would believe that if the mlva head itself was damaged we should see these lines on all paper that passes the right area (same as 4") of the mlva head?

I have tried:  normal uniformity, initializing the mlva data and redo uniformity, cleaning the mlva head, adjusting paper pressure, delete the paper and redo the paper registration setup.

The paper we use is:

4" : Fuji Crystal  Archive Supreme (glossy)

6" : Fuji Crystal Archive (matte)

12" : Fuji Crystal Archive (matte)

Machine: Noritsu QSS2901

Software: Noritsu

Anyone know what this might be?

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Thanks for the replies, i'm gonna check the rollers when i'm back on work tomorrow.

But since i can see the lines that build up the picture in these two bigger lines i believed it was some fault in the exposure, because the paper itself is not damaged at all. But because its only on the 4" paper it may be some other reason.

I will also try another magazine too see if that may help.

Have also sent a mail to our Noritsu service center, hope they respond quickly (they usually not) if nothing of this help i better call them and get them to look at it.

Thanks again for the feedback:)

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I believe I had the same exact problem as you on my 2901.  can you only see it on lighter colored areas of the print (sky, water, sand, skin ect.)  and only in one lane.

It went on for months with many calls to Noritsu Tech and 2 vists from them and in the end I fixed it myself. I switched the slide (magazine #)  on the back of the paper mag and registered it as a new magazine and it was gone. please let me know if it works for you.


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Yesterday I did a initialize of the mlva data again, and rerun paper specification setup (took me 4,5 hour to complete 2 papers) and now its quite good, almost not visible at all. But still it is not perfect so when i get my backorders done ill try to register the magazine again as a "new" one. Thanks

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Finally i figuered out what caused this!

It was so simple as some dust that was on the MLVA Calibrator (it sits on the MLVA head cleaning brush unit) and because of that dust it read the uniformity wrong!

So i got a can of compressed air and blew it away, run a uniformity and now the prints are nice and clean again.

But you need to run the "Clean the brush" to get access to the calibrator, because when the brush unit is in it's starting position there is a cover infront of the calibrator.

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