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MP-1600 6017-02 error


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Well, it's another error: 6017-02 error.  The sensors are working fine.  The left arm is not parking in the correct spot and that parking spot moves t different places.  I re-seated all connectors I think are involved, including all 30 on the advance I/O PCB.  The arm moves up and down OK, but just not where it's supposed to.  Anybody have any ideas?

please and thanks!


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Based on the intermittentness (word?) of this and what the service manual says

Error sub-number 02

1. The arm upper sensor (right: SE19, left: SE21) turns

DARK when the system is initialized. However, it does

not turn LIGHT within a specified time.

Sounds like the sensor/light is defective or the data path for the sensors signal is defective.

Don't forget there might be a sensor and a ir light to make it work. If you want to see Ir lights in action, break out a nightvison camcorder.

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When the arm moves up and down does is sound smooth?

Compare the sound of the left and right arm movement in output check mode.

If it sounds kind of rough probably the PM driver is the cause of the problem.

The PM drivers are above the I/O board, you can swap the left & right arm PM drivers around to confirm if this is the problem.

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More on the  mechanical issue: You probably aready have done so but, check the vertical  bearing tracks for the arms. I've had a couple where paper dust had accumulated and compacted in the track....especially the rear (left) one. If the tracks are clean when you raise the arms by hand they should tend to want to gravitate to the bottom of their travel virtually unassisted.


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dear Benachour,

I think better you check black fiber optics cables which are in the printer relays p.c.b.

It is located under printer door. you'll find four cables, take them off and clean one by one then re attach them .

Pls take care when take them off , hold the plastic ring and push it inside then pull the optical cable.

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