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Any Durst Theta Users?


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I know that this is the Noritsu, but this also is the most frequented forum so I thought I would get the most viewing here (if you need to move the thread, feel free!).  I am looking for real world advice on the Durst Theta 51, Theta 76, Theta 76HS.  We are replacing our 3 year old Fujimoto SHP-5080 with a new unit, due to the discontinuation of the printer.  I don't want to deal with a lack of parts during a peak season.  

Does anyone operate any of these Dursts?  We will run all sizes 12" and larger on it and keep smaller format running on:

34 Pro Triple A

34 Pro Triple B

3302 Pro Double

3302 Pro Single.

Thanks for any insight!


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