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QSS 3203 Pro Error PCB


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we have this error very often recently. The error no. is 6822-0008. When we print 6 photos, there is no any problem. But when we print photos continuely and fast , this error is present.


Image processing PCB

Image data operation error.


                                                                                         Thanks        ALEJANDRO

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The most likely cause of the problem is bad connections on and around the image processing PCB.

Blow all the dust off the PCBs in the control station, there are some PCBs hidden behind the black casing with the fan attached to it these get caked in dust.

Then remove and re-fit all the connectors plugs, memory modules etc.

Also check the Arcnet communication is stable, by going into the system version check display, if it keeps flickering between o and

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I have a QSS 3212 that is displaying the same error code 6822-0008. I have but 1 memory slot in the memory board #J390864 and it has a 512 MB SDR ram in it. The QSS 3212 loads digital images very slowly when using the PJP mode. Upwards of 55 second for each screen of 6 images. In the auto print mode the time between each 6 images is about 30 seconds.

Is the problem likely to be insufficient memory?

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