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Doted lines on print of QSS 3001


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when I print 4x6 line comes across the 4" side. Hey it is not cleanable with windex or water as it is exposed dotted lines in deep magenta color. wow..I think I can upload the picture now. Please find the line and please help me to get it fixed.

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If you are saying that, on a 6x4 print, the line is 4 inches long (if it were not dotted if you see what I mean) then:

1. Is it on prints made from film and digital?

2. Examining prints OTHER THAN 6X4 is the line in the same place?

If the answer to both is yes, then I think you have a scratching problem. Have you looked at the line with a high powered glass? Although you won't always see a physical scratch, sometimes a little bit of physical pressure can cause a line with no physical marks.

You mentioned it being intermittent, if this was on 6x4's then this would be because each print goes down different sides of the machine.

If it is a "scratch" then you've a fun filled Christmas ahead as you take it all apart!! But it's almost certainly in the Dev stage.

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well, Thanks dear friends. Let me explain you. It is a dotted line (exposed) and on the same place when I Print 8X10, It came on every print at the same place. even on the paper which is not exposed by the laser. That mean something is different I am facing the problem with. This is right that 4" paper goes from different path and that might be the reason I am not getting line on every print of 4x6 but because the path is for 8x10 is never change that is why i am getting this line on each and every print of 4x6. The second and main thing what made me frustrated that why the dotted line like a perforation (..........................) in deep magenta color? it is not cleanable with alcohal or windex because it is exposed on the paper even. more over line is coming on both from Negative and media.

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Hi Guys!

Thanks for your suggestions. Well let me update you what I did yesterday. I first confirming you the the line is not coming from the paper processor. It is surely coming from the printer side only.

I'd removed Focal plane guide and put a black tape on it  and found there was no line though print came out White as there was no laser exposure because I'd put tape.

Than I printed a panorama print of 4"X12" and there was NO line.

Now the story has begun. I'd printed an 8"X6" print on 8" paper and there was NO line Than I printed 8"X6.5" and could not find any line.

I'd increased paper length to half inch and printed 8"X7" and there was NO line even I could not find that deep magenta dotted line on of a Print of 8"x8".

But the moment I'd increased paper advance length to 9" i.e. I'd printed 8"X9" there a dotted line appeared on the print. That mean the line is exposed when I'd printed bigger than 8"X9".

I am thinking to interchange AOM unit Red to Green to see if there is any effect? What you suggest as it is confirmed that line came from the exposure unit.

I will be grateful to you for your prompt reply.

Thanks & a Merry X-Mas .

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You can try that, but I'm not convinced that the line is coming from the laser. In my experience, AOM failures don't cause lines but instead they cause a banding effect.

I suggest that you run, say, 100 6x4 through the machine. If you get the line, and IF it's on every other print - or put it another way - number the prints as they come out and if the line is on either the odd or the even numbered prints only then that's not the exposure section that's causing the problem.

Ref your tests: You won't find a mark on white paper, but have you tried a decent length section of fogged paper? That's worth trying and will rule out the laser if you get a mark.

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