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System freezing


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Hi...we run a Qss 2901 that we just changed the motherboard & hard drive on. We now have a small problem of a system freeze. It happens at least once a day, sometimes a couple times. It happens with both film and kiosk orders. We have turned off Digital Ice for other problems, so it shouldn't be that. I have trimmed two fiber optic cables that looked "mushroomed" a bit on the ends. We have not yet reinstalled Photoshop, as we are looking for a better alternative. Should I trim all the fiber optic cables? Would anybody have any other ideas of what might cause our system freeze?

Thanks....Brad & Tracey

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When you say the system is freezing do you mean the just computer is freezing i.e. no response from the mouse etc, or is it the machine side of things, something like one moment please message.

Does pressing the reset button on the PC restore normal operation, or do you have to power down the whole machine from the breaker switch?

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Just the CPU freezes...the processor still runs and finishes whatever is already in the system. Sometimes there is a paper jam when we reboot, but that's not a huge biggie. We can reboot simply by using the reset buttom. We bought a used motherboard to get us going until we can get plans to build a new cpu. We checked and made sure there is nothing like a screen saver turned on. Driving us nuts.....Well, the Digital Ice is bugging us too, but that's another story.

Brad & Tracey

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