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QSF 430L3 Relay board issue


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I have a burnt relay board of QSF 430L3. I have very little knowledge on them; I have attached pictures of the burnt board. pls check.

I am not sure which parts caused the heat that even the copper connector is melted in that area ?  I got extra SSR, I want to make sure if anything else is causing those SSR to heat up before I replace them.

Any tips/info on this will be highly appreciated.



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This is quite common and is caused by the connection to the SSR failing due to the solder being old. If you have a spare SSR you should be able to cut away the carbonized board and rewire the copper tracks using some insulated copper wire. Cut out all the burnt area and check the other solder joints on the other SSR's before you reinstall the board

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I agree with moffy.

Because the SSR's are quite big and are not supported, due to vibration the solder joints eventually crack, and then start to ark which then generates heat and burns the board.

It's a good idea to remove the board say every 3 years and check all the solder joints are ok.

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