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pc-nrt-4a motherboard


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I don't think the 2901 has anything special as far as a PC is concerned...... Any ATX motherboard will do.... Look on ebay and get what ever looks like last years model for cheep. This is the one I'd use....


Well that one may be a bit hard on the power supply. But you can back feed the serial port and nix the Nipron PS......

This seems more likely a canidate:


Do you just want to send me plane ticket? :) I'd have it working tomorrow...

You will need to save the drivers for you old video card and other devices. But then replace the board and do a recovery. If some of the drivers do not load you saved them from the drive BEFORE you recovered them. If you have trouble ANY WIN-GEEK can get thru the recovery for you.... Got a teenager at home?

It's only a pain in the ass cause Bill Gates made it that way. The windoze platform is so bent up about hardware that it has a caniption fit if you touch it. But seriously anyone windose geek can replace your board with what ever they felt like parking inside and will be able to make it work again. Just call a collage or high school and ask if they have any students that REALLY know about BUILDING computers. ANYONE that has built a Windoze platform from scratch and didn't commit suicide can do what you need done. Any collage/high school student would be tickled shitless to get paid a 100 bucks to iron out you motherboard problem.

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Pack your toothbrush...ticket's at the airport! Wife wants to know where you are? Noritsu wants an arm and a leg for a tech...you could make good $$$$ and see the world! We're trying to bid on the second one you suggest, but there's no shipping quote so we can't "buy it now". Noritsu also want $7,200 plus shipping from Japan and taxes...three weeks to get it too.   e-mailed the guy, hopefully he gets it right away, or will put it back up and contact us.  Thanks a lot Retired...we'll show this to a 'puter guy we have coming in, and he should be able to take it from there...again, THANKS ! Being a new operation (two months), we can't afford a new PC yet...your help is GREATLY appreciated.

Brad & Tracey.

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Almost ANY ATX form factor MB with a decent processor will do you. It just needs the same number of slots (or more) than the comp uses now. It certainly doesn't have to be BRAND NEW. Even a 3 year old computer will have more HP than the stock PRT.

The white connectors on the MB are the "slots"... They are really called PCI slots. Your current comp may have a black slot at the end called an ISA slot... But it is not used. The only caution is to much power consuption cause the stock PS is only 150 watts.... Thats small by todays standard.

Those PS are availible direct from Nipron in Japan. I got two over here for about 350 buck.....

There is also a work around to use ANY power supply.

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Dear Infocus

  Nowadays you get dual core CPU, which being altered to compate with the QSS minilab work fine with the system,

Even we are offering the complete package as with the PC section completely loaded along with recovery Disc, as well as all the required softwares loaded.

  As the case may be that you can resolve with the SMPS Issue, still your PC may not work properly as the case is with the software,While operating on scanner your PC may get hanged else you may get MAIN SYSTEM ERROR.

  We have succesfully installed around 50 nos of Upgraded PCs for QSS 2901 here.If you wish we can ship you a complete PC at a cost that is 1/7 times the cost of NORITSU Japan, i.e. 1100 USD+Shipping.

For more details you can mail to us at fotoworld@rediffmail.com

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