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2901 banding problem


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looking at the scan, it is a tad  hard for me to tell where the stripes are located.  the jpg blocking is giving me a hard time.  the only thing I noticed is the variety of shades in the black and grey patches.  that type of inconsistency usually indicates a need to replace the MLVA lamp.  is there anyway you can email me or upload a bigger scan of the setup?  

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It looks like poor uniformity to me, not banding, though very difficult to see from this picture.

Try cleaning the integrator (where the fibre optic cable bunch connects to the filter wheel).

Clean the surface of the MLVA head.

Fit a new MLVA lamp. Do the MLVA lamp change setup.

If that does not work.

Carry out the calibrator gain adjustment.

Load in the initial MLVA uniformity disks that come with the machine from Japan, carry out the uniformity adjustment.

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Dear Labservice,

What i would like to suggest is the Uniformity pattern 2,3,4,

If that does not work than check woth the LVDS cable connecting the Image processing cable to the data input PCB,

Flat cables form the Data input PCB to the MLVA unit,Load voltage PCB

Also check the following


  There you can see the some reading as RGB these are the photometry readings from the mlva,you can check the light being emmited form the mlva section by pressing the F-key and start photometry

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