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EZ Mall & VFP-4


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1. How to run Noritsu EZ Mall software on Win XP ?  on Win98 run OK!

2. Dialy setup VFP set slow speed VFP-4 (5mm/sec)

   voltage level vfp B225  G227  R141.  how make faster speed ?

Best regards

Igor        com_cheri@yahoo.com

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Tested ez mall version 1.80 & version 2.00 this seemed to work ok on XP after loading the ASPI driver.

I don't have a machine to fully test on though.

ASPI drivers attached

aspichk is to test if ASPI is loaded ok, will be red if not loaded & green if loaded ok.

aspi32 is the ASPI driver.

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Hi I am quite new to this forum and would like you peoples expert knowledge about noritsu 2301 crt.

I have read from previous posts that 2301 crt can be used to print digital files using an SCSI cable. I do have the cable (not sure whether it is SCSI) but not the software yet (planning to use one cause i was just going to purchase a digital carrier)

My question is:

Does that mean that i can send files from my computer for printing with the 2301 crt printer? And can i resize photos in my computer and then send it for printing in the minilab printer?

Please advise how i can do all this.


Any photos of SCSI connection, crt driver board would be appreciated.

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You can connect the CRT up to a computer and print from EZ mall or use a Photoshop plug-in, you will need a SCSI cable, and a com cable.

However the print quality is, well to put it bluntly rubbish! Especially if you print above 4x6 (on 4

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Hi Dave, Many many thanks for the big help.

What do i need the COM cable for? And any link where i can get the photoshop plugin because i am already an owner of that software.

And that means that i can put a memory card in my computer and then transfer the pictures from the memory card to the lab for printing. Please correct. And for the size is that all it can do,.... no bigger??

thanks. Sunny

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