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K software for 3001 - what extras ?


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Noritsu have just 'upgraded' us from J to K in order to apply new profiles for Fuji CA paper.

Does anyone have any info on any of the hidden extras that are often included ?

Noritsu Uk don't know if/what differences there are, - and it always seems a great shame to get somthing 'new' but not notice what the 'improvements' actually are, - so you cannot use them.....

Any ideas, - or e-mail me the spec sheet off list ?



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Your Noritsu tech should have both the TI's and RI for the new version. More importanly, the TI (Technical Instructions) are normally supplied with  the CD (or at least a pdf) and detail any additions or changes implemented in the  change.

(I like that last response!)

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