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Power supply with a serial port How to circumvent


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So your noritsu computer uses a power supply with a serial port. Now what when it puffs the magic blue smoke?

First ALL the ones I have seen are made by Nipron Japan. Very findable company and the will sell direct world wide.

BUT WE AIN'T GOT TIME TO WAIT!!!!!!!!?????????

Cool trick and some really simple solution while your waiting for the new supply to show up.....

This data line from the PS goes to the serial port of the Motherboard. First let me say that a serial port is bullet proof for unwanted voltage up to about 20 volts. What this means is you could hold a 12 volt source to dead ground on ANY pin in the serial port. This will NOT harm the computer!

The Nipron power supply outputs 3 voltage lines from the serial port. Pin 4, pin 8 and pin 1. 4 is shutdown 8 is AC fail and 1 battery low.

The Noritsu SOFTWARE (not hardware) is looking for one of those pins to have voltage.

If your PS goes toast, you can use ANY PS to get you rolling again. BUT to keep your software from shutting down you need to send 8 volts to one of the pins. Honestly I don't remember which line it was.... It's either AC fail or Shut down.

But where the heck do I get 8 volts?   REMEMBER I said serial ports where bullet proof to 20 volts? You power supply has a 12 volt line at every plug. So just pick an unused drive power cable and tap it for the 12 volt line.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<NOW FOR THE IMPORTANT PART>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Just because I said it was bullet proof doesn't mean you can fire a Bazooka at it, OK!???!!!!

To avoid sending a Bazooka up the serial port YOU MUST use a current limiting resistor. (for safety to the MB)

Get a 100 ohm 1/4 watt resistor from you favorite electronics supply house and put it BETWEEN the power line and the serial port pin. SO ALL THE POWER HAS TO GO THRU IT. This will limit the current that can pass to the motherboard.

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