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What paper you print on?


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    Hi everybody. For the last several years we used 152mm Supra Endura F and Portra Endura Y. But for the last 4month we couldn't buy any Portra anymore so we switched for Kodak ProFoto E. But the paper quality difference is SO huge that we concidering switching over for some Fuji paper. But the problem is that we never used it before and don't know even what to try. What professional papers they have? What others use for professional output.  'll be grateful for any responce.

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I'm in the process of changing from Kodak pro papers to fuji DP. like you we were not told that portra endura had been dropped, we switched to supra but the quality has been disappointing. so I've bought a batch of the fuji and am really impressed. it is widely known that fuji is the professionals preferred brand.

After more digging I also found that Endura papers were never designed to be run through minilab type processors as they require a longer Dev time and 2 wash tanks to get the most from the paper. this is why they have dropped porta and they are releasing a new 'digital' pro paper some time next year.

hope this helps

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