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Hello to All,

Can anyone provide/share service manuals for 3202SD,My 13month old 3202SD seems to have problem/failed GREEN AOM driver, want to swap AOM Drivers and confirm/test myself, so in need of service manuals because doing this type of test/work first time. Any idea how diffcult/complicated to swap AOM Drivers to test? Can any one help me with clear steps to do the same? or provide me the sevice manuals to do it on my own?

Local noritsu office tech says AOM problem( prints are all greenish and the processor seems to under control) and needs to be replaced and since it is 13months old, they are asking us to buy new AOM as it is no more under warranty and also it seems we have to pay for sevice charge to replace it.OH!GOD!

In this forum i read in certain posts that a batch of 3202's having problems with laser/AOM's any idea which batch/serial nos of 3202 or serial nos of AOM's having such problems?

About two months back they replaced with new laser unit as it was under warranty and the problem at that time was that prints were all yellowish or bluish, I think dont't remember corrrectly.

Any sort of help or feed back is greatly helpful and appreciated.

Thanks  to one and all.


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